Welcome to FJ World Inc

I have been online for many years. Sometimes I do take a break to sleep, eat and do other necessities of life.

I own, operate and support many websites to meet the needs of family, friends and clients. FJ is one nickname I earned many years ago from some offline activities. It turns out that FJ became to mean much more than a nickname earned from my driving on NASCAR3. FJ means Frère Jacques. Follow the link to see how I define and brand my identity and values for a most favorable lifestyle on this planet and of course the internet world. In 2002 I decided to take my offline business to the next level to see what I could offer to people all over the world. Hence this site and a number of sites all connected and working together for a common purpose.

I worked over 32 years at NB Power, a provincially owned electric power company. I worked at various disciplines; I often say it was like having 5 careers. After taking an early retirement package in 2010, I was able to focus on my offline business and more so, creating a learning and earning online journey with a process centric business guided by Quality Management Best Practices. Follow my lead to access knowledge and skills I was fortunate to learn and destined to share.

Have a look at the content on my corporate site, click a few links and see if I can offer something that may interest you.

Jacques (FJ, Jack) Arseneault
FJ World Inc