- advanced hosting for websites, profile pages, banner images and more.
- domain registration and management.
- collaborative advertising.
- active sales lead generation.
- performance based task management.
- secured trading system marketplace.

After several years of working in the online advertising and marketing business, FJ World Inc was able to develop a traffic generating program that serves a very wide scope of needs on the internet. A person can start our program with absolutely no money or they can purchase and/or subscribe to a wide scope of customizable services backed by defined service level agreements. To learn more about our ePayTraffic program, please click the banner below and visit our flagship traffic sharing website. If your not sure about creating an account on ePayTraffic you can follow the support link on the site to request more information.

ePayTraffic - Performance Banner Advertising

When you visit ePayTraffic, have a look at the Performance Advertising banners on the main page. These square banner ad campaigns are effective for our members. The banner campaigns can be displayed on many site throughout the FJWI network. As you can see, they are displayed below.

The displayed banner ads are determined based on the number of impressions assigned by members. As long as the ePayTraffic member has views assigned to their Performance Ad campaign, their banner will be showing on many sites and not just ePayTraffic.


fjGraphics offers a low cost banner advertising service. You pay a fee, provide a couple of urls and we host plus advertise your banner for one year. The service is expanding so do visit often and see our progress.